Consumer Education

   When Massachusetts legalized cannabis for medical use, Ezra Parzybok set out to fill the education gap between the often confusing and un-written world of cannabis and those who might benefit from its use. His work as an advisor to patients and as a cannabis educator to hundreds of clients, parents, and medical professionals has cemented not only his knowledge of effective medicinal cannabis use, but also how to make new users comfortable.

   Greenglove can give your employees the edge over the competition by training your Licensed Marijuana Agents and sales professionals to use careful language around medical use while still providing expert advice to those who need to learn about the right dose of the right product. This knowledge will give customers comfort and agency in reducing symptoms and increasing their quality of life.

   Ezra's Seed to Cell philosophy will take your team beyond “seed to sale” to help ensure that your customers return to your dispensary because your employees show themselves to be knowledgeable and empathic to diverse customer needs. Ezra will help your team understand how to communicate the subtle aspects of harvest differentiations, processing methodologies, strain variations, and cannabinoid profiles. Your customers should get the best product and the best experience with their purchase, from seed to cell.