Local Permitting

   When we started working with clients to navigate the local and state process of getting marijuana businesses licensed, we assumed the state process as put forth by the Cannabis Control Commission would be more complex than the local process.    

   Many applicants have learned the hard way that local municipalities requiring a special permit or site plan review can draw out the process far beyond the time it takes to submit the state application. In addition, all applicants are required to complete a Host Community Agreement. The Host Community Agreement can vary from town to town and we help teams to not only navigate the host agreement process but to choose locations where towns have reasonable host agreements and are open to the legal cannabis industry. Local permitting, marijuana ordinances, and marijuana zoning by laws vary greatly from town to town.

   Greenglove can guide you through the necessary steps, build relationships with town boards and administrators, create plan narratives, submit applications, and make well-articulated presentations on your behalf to local boards and municipal authorities. Local permitting is about making communities feel comfortable about you opening a business in their town. We understand this and will work tirelessly toward our belief that cannabis businesses will be a net-benefit to their host communities.