Greenglove believes that teams build success. While much of our work involves offering our services, skills, experience, knowledge and opinions to, and on behalf of, the groups and individuals we serve, there is no substitute for sound legal and financial advice. Greenglove consultants are neither attorneys, nor CPAs. Instead, we work closely with the following licensed professionals and value the specialized guidance, assistance, and advice, that they are able to offer our clients:



EvansCutler Attorneys -

Speak with Dick Evans, or Mike Cutler.

Bacon Wilson, P.C. -

Speak with Isaac S. Fleisher.



Cathro LLC, Charlotte Cathro, CPA -


     While Greenglove has clients across the commonwealth much of our work has become focused on central and western Massachusetts. If you're looking for skills and services similar to those offered by Greenglove, but are located in the eastern part of the state, it may prove more practical and cost effective to engage with somebody local. Steve Chaisson of American Cannabis Consulting and Compliance is the best we know. You can contact him at