Positive Impact Plan, Progress, and Renewal

      The Cannabis Control Commission requires each Licensed Marijuana Establishment applicant to develop and implement a Positive Impact Plan in order to create equitable opportunity for those adversely affected by former legislation.  


   Simple donations to local charities and organizations are typically rejected by the Cannabis Control Commission who require applicants to “provide meaningful participation of communities disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition and enforcement, including Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, and Veteran Business Enterprises.” This means that applicants have to provide genuine opportunities to specific groups who may not have access to training, funding, and connections, or to the resources needed to enter the industry.

   More Licensed Marijuana Establishment applications receive “push back” for their Positive Impact Plan than for any other reason. This means that the successful execution of a Positive Impact Plan is a challenge for new business owners (or established cannabis companies who have not had to implement Positive Impact Plans elsewhere,) who may not live near these ADIs, or know how to satisfy the Cannabis Control Commission’s Positive Impact Plan requirements. If you are a company up for renewal and have not made progress on your Positive Impact Plan, you could be in trouble. But we can implement your Positive Impact Plan, and do so retroactively if you are up for renewal and haven't made progress.


   Based upon a clear understanding of the the Cannabis Control Commission’s guidance documents, we have devised a subscription-based Positive Impact Plan that allows you, the licensee, to outsource this responsibility. 


Ezra Parzybok is a Social Equity Applicant and provides on-going pro bono consulting to other SE/EE applicants. Ezra can provide evidence of progress on your plan at renewal based on his work. Our comprehensive plan allows you to fully comply with Cannabis Control Commission requirements, address important social issues, and still have time to focus on your business without distractions.


We believe having a positive impact is the right thing to do, but reversing decades of injustice and inequality requires a plan, goals, and data. Let us implement a Positive Impact for your business that will create measurable change and satisfy the noble goals of the Cannabis Control Commission. Reach out with questions.