Green Gateway Plan

     If you’re interested in learning more about your future in the regulated Massachusetts cannabis industry as either an entrepreneur, a career choice, or both, you’re invited to connect with Mark and Ezra of Greenglove and participate in on-going support, consultation and know-how necessary to help overcome the barriers to entry into this rapidly growing and potentially lucrative market. 

     The Green Gateway Plan is a fully-sponsored mentor-to-mentee program providing documentation, consulting and resources to entrepreneurs. While our program is primarily aimed at the following group all are welcome;


  • Past or present residents of a commission-designated Area of Disproportionate Impact (these are outlined in our enrollment process. Click here or below on Enroll);

  • Commission-designated Economic Empowerment Priority applicants;

  • Commission-designated Social Equity Program participants;

  • Massachusetts residents who have past drug convictions; and

  • Massachusetts residents with parents or spouses who have drug convictions;


To participate, please select the enroll button below and complete our initial survey. A member of the Greenglove team will contact you with details and your member login credentials to access documentation to support your application.