State Licensing

     Creating and uploading a state license for a Licensed Marijuana Establishment can be a cumbersome process with over one hundred pages of documents to create and address. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has developed a licensing process that ensures your establishment follows strict requirements for the Application of Intent, for Background Check documents, and for your Management and Operations plans.

   Greenglove can project-manage your entire state application from concept to final license. We can answer your regulatory questions and set your enterprise on the right track from the outset to ensure that not only do you pass the licensing process and follow regulatory hurdles, but also have structured operations systems and documents that keep you in compliance and allow you to run your business efficiently.

   You may know how to grow, process, store, and transport marijuana, but do you know how to do it to the Cannabis Control Commission’s exacting specifications? We are adept at crafting, creating, and editing all necessary documents for the state application process, and will guide and assist you in compiling all supporting documentation for a successful Licensed Marijuana Establishment application. Here’s a list of what the application requires and what Greenglove typically creates:


  • Business Plan

  • Operations Manual

  • Employee Handbook

  • Plan for obtaining marijuana or marijuana products

  • Restriction of Access to age 21 and older

  • Security plan

  • A plan for prevention of diversion

  • A plan for storage of marijuana

  • A plan for transportation of marijuana

  • Inventory procedures

  • Quality control and testing plans

  • Dispensing procedures

  • Personnel policies including background checks

  • Record Keeping procedures

  • Plans for maintaining financial records

  • Diversity plan

  • A qualifications and training plan