Ezra Parzybok - Principal Consultant

Ezra has been a cannabis consultant since the legalization of medical marijuana in Massachusetts in 2012. He has knowledge of every aspect of the industry from growing to patient education, local permitting, regulations and state licensing. He does solo compliance work for post-provisional operations and is also a Social Equity applicant. Contact him via call or text at 413-539-3059 or ezra@ezrahelps.com

Mark Jarvis - Principal Consultant

Mark has an international background in Industrial Applications, Finance, and Transformative Business Development. Mark has extensive experience in operational management and the development of start-ups and fledgling enterprises, specializing in workflow management, systems management, administration, and compliance.
  Mark's business development background has enabled him to provide operational and financial advice, and support to a broad spectrum of start-up enterprises in the fields of industrial technology, engineering, economic development, and the recreational cannabis industry.